What is Moven?


Instant Receipts

Instant Is The New Black

Instant notification with every transaction. That means instant budgeting. Stay on top of your spending and see how you stack up against your monthly average.

Say you've got $500. Try buying something.

$200 Below average

Find An ATM

42,000 ATMs with no annoying fees


Who is using Moven?

Overall, Moven’s feature set is notable, and in some cases even tops that of Simple, or other more modern mobile banking/payments apps like Amex’s Serve, for example.


Want the honest opinion? This app is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it. Not only does the app help manage your spending and budgeting habits; it’s also an online bank account with no fees.


With Moven, it’s like having a smart debit card, or smart NFC chip. One that helps you manage money and automatically categorize your expenses. The end result is an informed consumer making better choices for their day-to-day transactions.

CU Grow

[...] banking services you can use even if you don’t have a direct relationship with a traditional bank. Which makes you wonder: Do we even need banks?


Moven and its peers [...] are poised to transform banking by empowering customers with information and advice, providing an advanced user experience, simplifying payments, and focusing on the customer.



The Trifecta

Say no to fees

Your Moven account comes with a shiny new debit card and no monthly fees.

Combo Power Up

App + card = unbeatable combo. Think of Moven as a world of convenience in your pocket.

Tap To Pay

Leave your wallet at home. Tap your phone to pay with MasterCard PayPass.

Unite your accounts

One app to rule them all. Link your existing accounts and hypercharge all your transactions with Moven.

Pay Your Friends

Pay a friend using email or a text message — even if they don't have a Moven account.

Rest assured

Your Moven Account is FDIC insured up to $250,000. That's a briefcase full of money.

How to sign up