Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Moven without signing up for the Smart Bank Account?

Yes, you can try Moven and track all your spending from your existing accounts. Simply select the bottom option “Add Existing Accounts” during sign up.

But why not take advantage of all of the benefits and features of the Moven Smart Banking account?  It’s easy: Just select the ‘$’ icon at the bottom of the home screen and start to spend, save & live smarter today!

What is Moven?

Moven, founded in 2011, is the well-known, direct-to-consumer financial wellness mobile banking app, described by Wired, Forbes and the New York Times as the “Bank of the Future”.

Moven’s app, debit card, and advice-driven savings tools provide real-time, personalized spending insights that motivate customers to make smarter decisions, helping them ‘spend, save & live smarter’.

At Moven, we think about money differently. Life is not about “budgeting,” it’s about choices. While other money management tools bury you in spreadsheets, budgets and pie charts, we help you connect to your money as you’re spending it. We provide you with the right advice at the right place and time based on your spending habits.

What kind of mobile device do I need to use Moven?
Moven can be used on any Android (4.1 and above) and iOS (8 and above) mobile device.
Who can use Moven?
To use Moven Smart Banking you must be at least 18 years of age, a US resident and have a valid Social Security Number.
Is Moven a bank?
Moven is a financial service provider. We partner with CBW Bank, along with other vendors, to provide digital banking services.
Why use Moven?
Moven was to help you improve your overall financial wellness so you don’t stress over your finances. We provide real-time insights and actionable advice to empower you to make informed decisions so you can spend, save, and live smarter.
How does Moven work?

Moven provides a digital bank account, paired with an innovative app and Moven debit card to help you track your finances in real time and manage your overall spending, while incentivizing your savings. 

Adding money to your Moven account

Can I link an international bank account as a funding account?
Moven only supports domestic (U.S.) bank accounts at this time.
What is a funding account?
A funding account is another bank account that you connect to fund your Moven Spending Account. You can link only one funding account to your Moven account at a time. You can reset your funding account by contacting
Do you charge for deposits?
No. We do not charge a cent for depositing money into your account.
What if there are issues with my deposit?
For any issue with a deposit please submit a support ticket to
Can I deposit cash or foreign currency?
We do not currently accept cash deposits or foreign currency. If you attempt to deposit money in any currency other than USD, it will be returned to the originating account or sender.
Are my deposits safe?

Yes. All deposits are made with our partner bank and are insured to the FDIC limit (currently $250,000). FDIC insurance guarantees the safety of your deposits. To read more, visit:

How do I set up direct deposit?
You can email yourself a Direct Deposit form directly from your Moven® mobile app! Simply select “Direct Deposit” from the “Add Money” menu, followed by “Email me a Direct Deposit Form”. This will send a Direct Deposit form with your account and routing numbers, along with a voided check, to the email associated with your Moven account.
How can I add money to my Moven account?
There are several ways to add money to a Moven Spending (Debit) Account. From Direct Deposit to Check Deposit and by other means These options are presented to you at signup and you can always access them at any time from the ‘Add Money’ Menu. (Menu > “Moven Spending” > “Add Money”)

  1. Direct Deposit: You can email yourself a Direct Deposit form directly from your Moven® mobile app! Simply select “Direct Deposit” from the “Add Money” menu, followed by “Email me a Direct Deposit Form”. This will send a Direct Deposit form with your account and routing numbers, along with a voided check, to the email associated with your Moven Spending account. Direct deposits are available by 11AM EST on the postdate set by your employer.
  2. Transfer money to Moven: Login to an existing bank account and transfer money to your Moven Account. You’ll need your Moven Account # and Routing # available in the App. Transfers take between 2-3 business days.
  3. Cash checks using Ingo: Sign up for Ingo and cash checks using your phone. Deposits in 10 days for free or instantly for a fee.
  4. Deposit cash on to your Moven Card: Go to any participating convenience store in the MasterCard® rePower™ network and deposit cash directly to your Moven account. Deposits instantly for a fee. (Please note: Moven does not charge a fee for this service. However, the locations offering MasterCard rePower will charge a fee.)
  5. Transfer using Moven: If you choose to add money to your account using ‘Transfer using Moven” you will need to setup you funding account (See Funding Account setup below). Once that is completed, you can add money to your account at any time from the “Add Money” > “Transfer Using Moven” screen. The transfer will take 4-5 business days.
How much can I deposit?
You can deposit up to $10,000 into your Moven account in any one month. For transfers from another bank, there is a limit of $1,000 for each transfer. Note that for direct deposit, there is no paycheck limit.
What is a trial deposit?
Trial deposits are two small deposits under $1.00 that are used to confirm you can successfully send and receive money from your funding account. These amounts will be withdrawn immediately after they have been successfully validated.

Spending and Sending Money

Can I wire money to or from my Moven account?
Moven does not support wire transfers at this time. However, we do support ACH transfers. An ACH transfer is a bank-to-bank transfer using your account and routing numbers.
Can I send a check for any purpose?

Yes, you can send a check for any purpose. All of our checkseChecks are exactly like any other check accepted by your financial institution. If your financial institution does have questions, they can simply follow the directions on the check to verify its authenticity.

Can I go into overdraft?
We do not allow accounts to go into an overdraft state. Any transactions that exceed your available balance will be declined.
What happens when I use my card while I’m travelling abroad?
You are subject to MasterCard’s 1% interchange fee when using your Moven card in another currency.
How much money can I withdraw from an ATM in a day?
The daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500.
How do I withdraw cash?
Your Moven card functions as an ATM card and can be used to withdraw cash from your account. You can withdraw cash with no additional fee at STAR surcharge-free ATMs. To find the nearest STAR surcharge-free ATM, please click this link. Cash withdrawals made from non-STAR surcharge-free ATMs are subject to fees, but these come from the terminal owner and not from Moven.
Do I have a daily spending limit?
Your Moven Spending account is restricted to the amount of funds present in the account at any one time with the maximum amount that you may use for the purchase of goods and services limited to $10,000 in any 24-hour period.
How can I pay for purchases?
Plastic Card: Swipe your Moven card everywhere MasterCard™ is accepted.

Online/Phone: Use your card number to make online or bill payments at any online store that accepts MasterCard.

Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay: Add your Moven card to digital wallets to pay with Moven right from your phone. Simply launch Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay on your phone, enter your card details, and complete the verification steps. When paying in stores, simply hold your phone near the payment terminal to complete the payment.

If I request to "send a check", when will the money be taken from my account?

Funds will be withdrawn from your account within two business days and an electronic check will be emailed to you. It will be visible in your history as “Customer Service Application” once the funds have been debited.

What are the limits for sending a check?

You can send a check for any amount between $10-$4,000.

Card and Account Services

Does the Moven card have an EMV chip?
Moven cards do not currently use EMV technology.
What can I do if I see an unauthorized or fraudulent charge on my account?
Log in to your Moven app and select “Moven Spending” > “Moven Debit Card” from the menu. Then select “Suspend Your Card” to suspend your card immediately. After you have suspended your card, please contact to order a replacement card and dispute any unauthorized charges.
Can I create a joint Moven account?
Moven offers linked account options that you can use in a similar way. Essentially, you would have separate cards, but you can link the same accounts and transfer money between them instantly, for free. For any questions, please contact
What happens when my card is damaged or it expires?
Please contact to order a replacement.
What if I lost or misplaced my card?
If you misplace your Moven card, please open the Moven app, “Moven Spending” > Moven Debit Card. Click “Suspend Your Card” to suspend your card immediately. Please contact to order a replacement.
What if I’m locked out of my account?
To unlock your account, select the “Forgot your password” link at the bottom of the login screen. Submit your username in the prompt and you will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password and unlock your account.
What if I forgot my password?
To reset your password, select the “Forgot your password” link at the bottom of the login screen. Submit your username in the prompt and you will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.
How do I change my contact details?
You can change your contact information by selecting “My Profile & Settings” in the menu.
What do I do if I forgot my username?
If you have forgotten your username, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.
Where are my account and routing numbers?
You can find your account and routing numbers in the Moven app by selecting “Moven Spending > View account Details” in the menu.

Using Wellness Features

I made a mistake in categorizing a transaction. How do I fix it?
Simply select “All Transactions” from the menu or home screen. Once there, you can change the category for any previously categorized transaction.
Why do I have to categorize my transactions?
We categorize most transactions for you, to make sure you have the most complete view of your money, but some transactions are hard to tell. Be sure to check your “Completion Bar” to see if you have any uncategorized transactions.
How do I re-categorize my transactions?
Changing a transaction’s category is as easy as tapping on the category image, then selecting your desired category. At this time, we do not offer the option to create custom categories.
What are spending spikes?
Moven tracks your daily spending habits and shows you the moment your start to spend more than usual. This allows you to make informed decisions about your spending.
What are wants & needs?
Moven categorizes your expenses in three ways: Wants, Needs and Other.

“Wants” reflects all of the transactions related to your discretionary spending: Dining Out, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Fees, and Cash.

“Needs” reflects all of the transactions related to basic living expenses: Home, Groceries, Transportation, Utilities, Education, and Health.

“Other” includes: Account Transfers, Business Expenses, Donations, Gifts, Income, Payments, Savings and Taxes. (These transactions will not be reflected in your typical spending.)

How does Moven calculate my typical spending?
Moven averages your transaction history to calculate your typical spending. Your transaction history will include your Moven transactions and the transactions of any other external accounts you connect.
What is the Spending Meter®?
The spending gauge is a snapshot view of how fast you’re spending your money compared to your spending patterns in previous months. If you’re in the green, you’re spending less than you typically do. If it’s red, then you’re spending more.

  1. Green means go or below average
  2. Yellow means slow down
  3. Red means stop spending

Moven Stash

What do I do if I am having trouble finding my bank, credit card or financial institution?
Try searching for the name of the issuer listed on the back of the card (e.g. “Chase”, “MBNA”, “Bank of America”). If this does not work, please send us a support ticket and we will work to resolve the issue.
Does my Moven Stash have a separate account number?
No. Your Moven account has one account number, located under Moven Spending> View Account Details.
How do I access money from my Moven Stash and move it?
When you have achieved your savings goal, and are ready to spend, all you need to do is click “Unstash it”. Decide the amount that you would like to move back to your Moven Spending (Debit) Account and click “Unstash It Now”. Now, you’re all ready to use your funds on your Moven card.
How do I add money into my Moven Stash?
The only way to move money into your Moven Stash is to “stash it” from your Moven Spending (Debit) Account balance. From the Moven Stash screen, simply click the “Stash it” button then drag the arrow to decide the amount you would like to move into your Saving account. By hitting “Stash It Now”, the money is instantly locked away in your Stash.
How do I sign up for the Moven Stash?
You can automatically start using your Moven Stash if you have a Moven Spending (Debit) Account.
What is the Moven Stash?
The Moven Stash is a tool to help you save for things that you want in the near-term. It’s easy and instant to move funds from your Available Spending (Debit) Balance to your Stash and back again when you have reached certain milestones. To access your Moven Stash, simply tap “Save” with the Moven app, located on the home screen and then select the Moven Stash bubble.
Is my Moven Stash interest bearing?
Currently, Moven accounts are non-interest bearing.
Is my Moven Stash FDIC insured?
Our partner bank, CBW Bank, is FDIC insured. FDIC insurance covers deposits into your Moven Spending (Debit) Account, including both your Debit Card and Moven Stash up to $250,000, as with all FDIC insured accounts.

Linking Other Accounts

What do I do if I am having trouble linking an external account?
Please double-check that you are entering the exact same username and password you use when accessing your account on your institution’s website. If you are entering the correct credentials and your problem persists, please submit a Support Ticket with the following information:

1. The name of the institution
2. The URL you use to login to the institution — for example,
3. The specific error message you receive when trying to add the account

Note: Please do not include your username and password in the support ticket.

Can I link foreign bank accounts?
At this point Moven does not support foreign bank accounts.
Can I use Moven without linking an external account?
Yes, Moven can be used without linking an external account. But in order to get a full view of your spending behavior, we highly recommend you link an additional bank account.
How do I unlink an external account?
To unlink an account, go to the “All Accounts” page. From there you can unlink individual accounts. Please note that the account information will no longer be reflected in your Spend Meter or Monthly Spending.
How do I link an external account?
You can manage your external accounts from the “All Accounts” page in the Moven app. We want you to be able to track all your spending; therefore, there is no limit to the amount of external accounts you can link!


ATM withdrawals are free at any of the many STAR surcharge-free ATMs in the STAR network. To find a STAR Surcharge-free ATM near you, click this link.

ATM fees may apply at non-STAR Surcharge-free ATMs, but these are charged by the terminal owner and not Moven. Due to the cost we incur for international ATM withdrawals, we will charge a fee for these transactions.

Are there any other fees?
Moven does not charge you to open an account, deposit or transfer funds, or make a payment.
There are fees in special circumstances (outlined in the cardholder agreement), which include the following:

1. Expedited Shipping: $30
2. Account Closure: $10
3. Replacement Cards: 2 free/year, $4.99 for any additional replacements

How much does Moven cost?

Moven is currently a free service.

  1. Expedited Shipping: $30
  2. Account Closure: $10
  3. Replacement Cards: 2 free/year, $4.99 for any additional replacements


How long before I receive a response to my Support Ticket?
We will try to respond to your Support Ticket as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours.
How do I submit a Support Ticket?
You can submit a support ticket by clicking the “Support” in the navigation bar.