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 Moven offers a number of deployment options allowing a customer to pick and choose features that are most relevant for their business.

We provide a full mobile app, embeddable SDK modules, or APIs. 

In the demo environment, we have provided a place where potential customers or developers can test key Moven features and capabilities.





Download IOS or Android App Enterprise Demonstration with sample data to see how features work. 

  • Moven’s SpendMeter which uses red and green to contrast your current months spend to your typical spend. When you are in the green you are under your typical, however, when you are in the red it is an indicator to slow down your spending.
  • Needs vs Wants are the basis of categorization. The category engine has machine-learning algorithms. Category targets allow a customer to set spending goals.
  • MoneyPath and Transaction timeline view allows a customer to understand their spending trajectory across all accounts for the month. (The Moven data model supports data aggregation from 3rd party data sources giving the customer the complete view.)
  • Savings and Wishlist features allow Moven to understand a customers savings objectives and make contextual recommendations.
  • Gamification and nudges help Moven’s users Spend, Save and Live Smarter.

In Moven’s demo sandbox, the web interface simulates a payment transaction. 

  • The web interface is configured based on your unique username and account, simulating a customer using a debit or credit card.
  • The customer automatically receives a categorized notification for each card transaction in near real-time, with specific insights.

Test the Partner APIs:

  • The Partner APIs enable the processing of massive transaction volumes.
  • Upon on boarding a new customer,  13 months of transaction history are loaded to the platform. Moven’s machine-learning understands a customer’s spending patterns and provides relevant insights.

The Analytics APIs:

  • The Analytics APIs allow you to interact with the Moven platform as though you are an App.
  • Moven supplies some sample code to help you get started quickly.


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